Backrests & Seats

Hobie Kayak Seat

The Hobie Kayak Seat Back fits all Hobie paddle kayaks and all other kayak brands with four point attachments. Not compatible with the Hobie Mirage series kayaks.



Mirage Series Seat

Mirage Series Seat Hobie Seat replacement is for any Hobie Kayak. It can also be used on other Sit on top Kayaks with the removal of the peg or lock system. The Twist and Lock System is for all Hobie Kayaks made in 2011 or newer. The Twist and Lock system has 2 “keyed” attachments that fit into grooves in your kayaks seat area.



Hobie Mirage Inflatable Seat Pad

Designed to be used on Hobie Mirage Backrests but can be used as additional layer of seat padding with other backrest brands. Adjust the cushion by adding or releasing air pressure like an inflatable camping pad. Has an internal self inflating foam and an air valve through which the pad can be further inflated / deflated to suit the users comfort.



Ocean Kayak Backrest

Adjustable seat back for comfort and support at an economiacal price. This is the seat back that is included with several of Ocean Kayak’s  Sport Line Kayaks.



Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Seat Back

A little more deluxe than the basic Ocean Kayak Backrest, the Kayak Comfort Tech Seat Back is an adjustable kayak seat with more padding, an added built-in ventilation system, reflective logos and a taller seat back for additional support.