Hobie Accessories

Sidekick Ama Kit

Add the inflatable SideKick AMA Kit to your Hobie Kayak and make it the most stable kayak on the water. This outrigger kit includes everything you need to get the most out of your kayak, increasing your stability for fishing and sailing easily. Great for beginner kayakers too! Rugged vinyl outriggers inflate easily with a few breaths through the one-way check valve and deflate quickly to store in a hatch. Adjustable arms allow you to customize the height of each AMA as well. Set the arms down for added primary stability when fishing or shooting photos or turn them up for secondary stability when you’re cruising or sailing! SideKick AMA Kit includes all the marine grade hardware to install easily on your kayak.



Anchor Trolley

This kit allows you to be in full control of your anchored kayak! Installs easily to the side of your kayak with included stainless steel and injection molded nylon clips and pulleys. Easily adjust the direction your kayak is pointed by sliding the attachment point of your anchor, drift chute or stake-out pole from the forward to the aft. Control at the palm of your hand.This kit is made to fit on any kayak.



Fishfinder Installation Kit

Take the guess work out of installing a fish finder by providing a simple yet complete installation kit. The Hobie Fishfinder Installation Kit is adaptable to virtually any kayak and will run almost any fish finder out on the market today. The only thing you need to do is determine the location of your new unit! Kit includes: Dry Bag, Battery Harness, AA Batteries, Snap Connector, Foam Transducer Pad, Zip Ties, Marine Goop, Displacement Connectors, Rubber Grommet.



Drift Chute

Wind and current can ruin a perfectly good fishing spot. Slow down your drift and stay in just the right spot longer. Easily deploy chute with an attached line or use the Hobie Anchor Trolley kit and find that perfect fishing position. Designed to be neutrally buoyant, the chute stays open just inches below the surface.



Rod Holder Bait Caster With Mount

Designed specifically to hold your rod and reel in its proper upright position. This Scotty style mount is fully adjustable and can be positioned at various angles. The padded cradle protects your gear while keeping noise and rattles down while in transit. A slot in the front of the cradle allows for the use of a spinning reel or trigger sticks as well. The soft gate closure keeps the rod in place and is quickly opened with one hand for easy access.



Ram Fish Finder Mount III

The adapter replaces the mount on your fish finder so it makes for a cleaner connection between fish finder and mount. The part on your fish finder it replaces is the plastic base plate. This base plate really should be redesigned. The plate does not swivel or allow you to change direction of the finder for sun-glare issues or viewing issues. This mount addresses all of those problems. 1" Ram ball fits Lowrance Mark and Elite series.



VISIcarbon Pro Light

Mounts in either a flush mount rod holder or in any track system. Meets or exceeds USCG requirements. 3AA batteries included power the 17 lumen LED



Hobie Fishfinder Installation Kit III - Lowrance Ready

Hobie has taken the guess work out of installing a fish finder by providing a simple yet complete installation kit. This kit is specifically pieced together to include everything you need for wiring up your fish finder to any Hobie kayak with the“Lowrance Ready” feature. Kit Includes: 12V 9AH waterproof gel cell battery and charger, wiring hardware, and battery holder which mounts to the sail post or in the lip of an 8” twist and seal hatch.



Fish Grip

Make life easier! Use these fish grips, and for you night fisherman, they glow-in-the-dark. Sold individually.



Hobie H-Crate

H-Crate storage system keeps tackle, fishing rods, and gear organized in one lightweight and durable receptacle. Collapsible for travel and made to fit on the back of most fishing kayaks. Carry handles pull double duty by providing comfortable grips for carrying and are made of Hobie’s 12-sided H-rail extrusion which provides quick and tool-free accessory mounting and removal. Includes nylon straps for securing to your craft and four rod holders with shock-cord rod retainers.



Hobie Mirage PFD

Specifically designed for a comfortable fit while using high back seats. The thin flotation on the back provides more comfort while seated and limits it from riding up as you pedal. A front zip provides easy entry and the large front pockets are great for stashing small items. To keep you cool, there is a vent along the spine and adjustable side straps to allow for a variety of layering options. A high waistline cut and large arm cutouts allow for full range of motion. Three sizes available. Reflective tape for visibility in low light



Hobie Trax "2" Cart

The Trax "2" Cart has new 24 cm (blow-molded polyurethane) pneumatic tires. These tires have a higher capacity and are very durable! This is the best all around cart for soft sand and uneven terrain. The tires are wide and can be deflated for better performance over soft sand and soil. Welded Stainless steel construction, solid stainless axle. Wheels are easily removable for storage. Also includes cart keeper feature and cart clamps. (176 lb Capacity)



Hobie “Wide Plug-In” Heavy Duty Cart

Highest capacity cart with very durable knobby wheels. Welded Stainless steel construction.  Wheels are easily removable for storage. Also includes cart keeper feature and cart clamps. This cart has the highest capacity - 225 lbs.



Hobie Kayak Cart Plug-in Standard

Lightweight, durable tires, good choice for transport over solid surfaces. Stainless steel frame, removable wheels.


Hobie Inflatable PFD

Light weight and comfortable. Ready when you need it - manual inflation. Manual inflator allows for swimming, wading and intentional immersion. Available in Red/Grey or Tan/Grey.



Hobie Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

Extremely lightweight and comfortable belt carried PFD design is cooler and more comfortable than typical PFDs. Functional design for multiple types of water sports from fishing, kayaking, sailing to stand up paddling (SUP). Belt pack style stays out of the way till you inflate and put the bladder on over your neck. Adjustable waist.

Note: Requires user to remove vest from pouch, fit on body and manually inflate.



Hobie Rod Leash

Keep those nice fishing rods from swimming away with a leash. Secure the rod leash to boat and rod. Quick snap connection feature allows easy detachment when needed. Heavy duty webbing construction and quick connect hook.



Hobie Livewell

This live bait tank was designed with the serious fisherman in mind. From the tournament angler to the weekend warrior, inshore or off, this livewell is capable of handling almost every fishing situation imaginable! Custom designed to fit the Hobie Mirage Outback, Sport, Adventure, Revolution®, and the Quest. Water intake and discharge fit right into the existing scuppers in the cargo area. With a high-flow self-priming Attwood pump, a 6 volt sealed gel cell battery, adjustable drain, and the capability of holding up to 8 gallons of water this tank can handle almost any creature that you can squeeze into it. Ready right out of the box! Just charge and go!  Hobie has included three rod holders to make this livewell one of the most functional pieces of fishing equipment that you’ll ever own.

Features : Attwood self-priming pump, On-off switch, 6 Volt sealed Gel Battery, Charger, Battery compartment with lid, Carry handle, Adjustable hold down straps, Twist-n-Seal access lid, Fully assembled / charge and go!



Hobie Kayak Covers

These heavy duty covers are easy to put on and take off and snug down on your upside-down kayak. The UV resistant canvas includes straps and adjustable pull strings for a custom fit that won’t slide off. Protect your investment and cover your kayak.

Kayak Cover / 9’-12’ x 49" - $139.99

Kayak Cover / 12’-15’ x 49" - $162.99

Kayak Cover / 14’-16’ x 55" - $173.99

Kayak Cover / 14’-16’6 x 76" - $215.99


Miragedrive Stow Bag

The Mirage Drive Stow Bag will protect your Mirage Drive while traveling or while in storage. Better yet, protect all of your other gear from a rogue drive rattling around in the back of your vehicle while you’re on the way to the water. The Stow Bag has a zippered access compartment and will fit Standard Mirage fins or ST Turbo Fin equipped drives. Attached shoulder strap makes carrying a breeze and allows you to clip your drive to your kayak too!



Hobie Kayak Seat

The Hobie Kayak Seat Back fits all Hobie paddle kayaks and all other kayak brands with four point attachments. Not compatible with the Hobie Mirage series kayaks.



Mirage Series Seat

Mirage Series Seat Hobie Seat replacement is for any Hobie Kayak. It can also be used on other Sit on top Kayaks with the removal of the peg or lock system. The Twist and Lock System is for all Hobie Kayaks made in 2011 or newer. The Twist and Lock system has 2 “keyed” attachments that fit into grooves in your kayaks seat area.



Hobie Mirage Inflatable Seat Pad

Designed to be used on Hobie Mirage Backrests but can be used as additional layer of seat padding with other backrest brands. Adjust the cushion by adding or releasing air pressure like an inflatable camping pad. Has an internal self inflating foam and an air valve through which the pad can be further inflated / deflated to suit the users comfort.



Turbo Fin Kit V2

Enjoy a serious performance boost by adding The ST Turbo Fins to your Hobie MirageDrive equipped kayak. The ST Turbo Fins are longer and stiffer than the standard MirageDrive fins and will deliver a 10% speed boost as well as more torque off the line. ST fins are a ‘must’ when adding a sail kit as the added surface area and stiffness of the ST Fins are more effective when close hauling, tacking or sailing up-wind. We also love this upgrade for trolling as well because you can maintain your trolling speed with a slower cadence, meaning you can fish longer!

Red & Black
Grey & Black



Sailing Rudder Blade Large

This larger rudder nearly doubles the active control surface of your boat for more responsive and quicker turning action. This upgrade becomes crucial when adding Mirage ST Turbo fins or a Mirage Sail Kit to your kayak. The Large Twist-n-Stow Rudder blade uses all the same hardware and mounts as the Standard Rudder so installation is a snap.



Hobie Anchor Kit

The 3lb folding design is perfectly sized for a kayak and holds you in position regardless of the substrate you are paddling over.  This anchor comes with 60 feet of line and a handy storage bag that can be clipped to the deck of your boat.  Don’t let wind or a little current keep you from fishing those prime fishing holes.  Use with the Hobie Anchor Trolly kit for maximum drift angle control.



Mirage Leash Kit

The Hobie Mirage Drive Leash Kit for is the perfect thing to have if you remove your Mirage Drive while on the water. Safeguard your Mirage Drive from an accidental drop in the water. The Leash Kit includes the hardware for attachment to the hull.



Deep Gear Bucket

The Deep Gear Bucket fits inside the 8" Twist and Seal Hatch to give you easy access to small items. At 5" it has a much deeper profile than the standard gear bucket allowing more storage options. Fits most Hobie kayaks with the exception of the Pro Angler and the Quest.



Twist and Seal Hatches

The Hobie Twist-N-Seal Hatch makes accessing and storing gear in your kayaks hull easier and dryer than ever!  The rubber gaskets system locks and seals quickly with the twist the lever.  Upgrade your existing hatch to the 6” or 8” designs with a Hatch Retrofit Kit that includes everything you need to install an easy-to-use watertight hatch. Replace a worn out gaskets in your hatch with a new o-ring for the hatch lid or a new mount gasket for the drilled hatch port.

8”-$57.99 hatch/ $63.99 retrofit kit

6”- $42.99 hatch/ $48.99 retrofit kit


Hatch Liner

Designed to fit the forward hatch in the Hobie Mirage Outback, Revolution and Quest kayaks. The forward hatch bucket can be used to store gear or fish and keeps items from sliding around inside the hull and keeps them up off the bilge.



Boat Cleaner and UV Protectant

Boat Cleaner
Good on fiberglass, polyethylene, vinyl and PVC. Cleans the most stubborn stains off hulls.

12oz $14.99


UV Protectant -
Protect and rejuvenate fiberglass, polyethylene, vinyl and PVC materials. Spray on, the protectant absorbs into the material and leaves a UV protective layer. Reduce the loss of essential oils and deflect the sun's harmful rays.

12oz $14.99


Hobie Rod Holder Extension

Hobie Rod Holder Extensions will convert your existing molded-in rod holders on your Hobie Kayak into fish magnets. These tough plastic tubes bring your rods higher out of the water, preventing  corrosive salt water splash, and keep your rod from spinning when you have a fish on. We love these for trolling too because it makes it easy to reach back to grab the rod.



Hobie Livewell Rod Holder

Add another rod holder to your Hobie Live well or you can use these to attach to a milk crate. Easy to attach this to just about anything. Comes with fasteners (screws) that will likely work on what ever you are attaching it to. Easy to use and a great addition to your fishing rig



Hobie Mirage Kayak Sail Rig

Add the Hobie Kayak Sail to all Hobie Pro Angler and Hobie Mirage kayaks, including the Hobie Mirage Outback, Sport, Adventure, Revolution, Outfitter and Oasis to make an amazing little sailboat. The two-piece mast features a boomless sail and a diagonal batten that allows it to be easily rolled up and stowed in the included storage bag.

Height: 10' 3" (incl. mast)
Sail Area: 20.25 sq. ft.
Luff: 102"
Weight: 1.46 lb



Hobie Mirage Sail Rig for Inflatables

Designed for use with the Hobie Mirage i9, i12 or i14 inflatable kayaks. You steer with your fingertips, control the main sheet with the other hand and pedal with your feet. The fins of the MirageDrive provide lateral resistance.

Height: 10 ft 4 in
Sail Area: 20.25 sq ft
Luff: 8 ft 7 in
Weight: 4.3 lbs