Repair, Parts and Maintenance

We stock a wide selection of repair products including webbing and bungee cord by the yard, replacement buckles, rivets, eyelets and screws.  We also have high density foam in sheet and block form.  Want to add a hatch, a handle, a rudder or plug a scupper hole? ...we have that too.


Customize your kayak with pre-packaged rivets, pad eyes (creates attachment points to your hull) stainless screws, washers, etc.


Ocean Kayak Round Gaspachi Hatch

Push-on hatch fits the Malibu Two (bow,center, and stern), Malibu Two XL (bow and stern), Scrambler (bow and center) and Cabo (center).

8" diameter



Ocean Kayak Oval Gaspachi Hatch

Push-on hatch fits the Scrambler XT (bow), Malibu Two XL (center) and Zest Two EXP (stern, center).

10" x 18"



Ocean Kayak Cross Lock Hatch

This Cross Lock hatch fits the Scrambler 11 (bow), and Malibu Two XL (center). It features the easy to open Cross Lock system.



Scupper Stoppers

Scupper stoppers can be used to plug the scupper holes in the seat, footwell or tankwell area of your kayak. This will help you stay dry while you are paddling. Sold in pairs.

Size: Small thru XL

$7.99 per set of 2


Drain Plugs

Necky, Ocean Kayak, Hobie.

A great way to drain water out of your hull, just don’t lose it. 

Prices vary by manufacturer and model.


Toggle Handles

Easy to assemble.

Sold individually.

$9.99 Each


Side Mount Carrying Handles

Set of two side mount handles can be positioned and secured on hull to make moving your kayak on your own easier.  Replace worn out handles or add a set to a hull that has no existing handles.

Installs with rivets or bolts and nuts, not included.

Set of two. $12.95


Footbrace Kits

Harmony, Necky, Current Designs, Wilderness Systems.

Prices vary by manufacturer.

Rudder Kits

After market rudder kits available for Ocean Kayak, Necky, Current Designs, Wilderness Systems, Hobie.  Replacement cable and foot tracks sold separately also.

Prices vary.


High Density Foam

Customize your kayak and add to your comfort level.

Closed cell, cross-linked, ethafoam

Sheet form - 1/4" to 2" thick
Bulk bun form - 4" thick


Boat Cleaner and UV Protectant

Boat Cleaner
Good on fiberglass, polyethylene, vinyl and PVC. Cleans the most stubborn stains off hulls.

12oz $14.99


UV Protectant -
Protect and rejuvenate fiberglass, polyethylene, vinyl and PVC materials. Spray on, the protectant absorbs into the material and leaves a UV protective layer. Reduce the loss of essential oils and deflect the sun's harmful rays.

12oz $14.99