Over the years Xstreamline Kayaking has tested many brands and styles of kayaks. The boat lines we now carry have proven themselves to be the best overall in the areas of cutting edge technology, customer service, and pricing. Click on a category to view information on the type of boat you are interested in.

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If you are new to kayaking one of the first decisions you need to consider is whether a sit-on-top or sit-inside model is right for you. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help introduce you to the two different styles.

Sit-On-Top Pros
  • Best all-around choice for versatility
  • Good for workout paddling, moderate touring
  • All models are good for snorkeling
  • Some models are good for scuba diving
  • Shorter length kayaks generally surf better
  • Makes a good fishing platform
  • Less training required to become proficient
  • Generally less expensive than sit-insides

Sit-Inside Pros
  • More specialized in design for performance paddling and fit
  • Good for workout paddling, short- and long-range touring
  • Handles rougher conditions better with more performance and control
  • Most models come with rudders to help maintain course
  • Much dryer; better for paddling in varied weather conditions
  • Lower center of gravity makes most models more stable


Sit-On-Top Cons
  • Not as comfortable as sit-inside kayaks
  • More exposed to weather and water
  • Not as much performance or range
Sit-Inside Cons
  • Requires more training to use safely in a broad range of conditions
  • Cost is usually much higher due to extra construction and hardware

Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself about kayaking to help you determine what kayak might be best for you. Remember – no one kayak can do all aspects of the sport, so you need to focus on what you think you will do the most. Of course, you may want to expand into more specialized areas of the sport in a year or two.

Single or Double Kayak
This can be a tricky one! The main question is, will you go by yourself more often. If so, it’s better to transport and paddle a single than paddle a double solo. Remember, you can always rent or participate in tandem tours when your S.O. or children want to go along. On the other hand, tandems are alot of fun and tend to have better performance at less cost than two singles. If you want a sport that you can be two-gether, a tandem kayak is one of the greatest ways to go!

Where Do You Want To Go?
This will probably determine what type of paddling you will be doing, so think about convenient locations you would frequent most. Also, what kind of adventure and excitement level are you looking for? Here are some separate categories:

Your Budget
Remember, you’ll need to budget for more than just the cost of the kayak. Other components include paddle, life vest, back rest, car racks and paddling wear for starters. Average package prices range from $600 – $800 for most sit-on-top kayaks with the basics. Outfitted plastic sit-inside touring kayaks run from $1200 to $1600. Fiberglass touring kayaks start at $2700+. There are much lower and much higher priced kayaks available, but these are the price levels most commonly purchased. You can’t buy too much in a kayak. A little extra investment can tremendously improve the performance quality. Some features may cost a little more up front ($50 – $200), but you will be rewarded every time you use your kayak. Most consumers find they like the sport more than they initially thought, so they paddle more and their skills (and kayak requirements) develop rapidly.

Transportation & Storage
These two items need to be carefully thought out to ensure you have made the most logical and convenient purchase. Cartop transportation can range from $50 for foam blocks and tie-downs to $250+ for hard racks. Storage can be as simple as tilting your kayak on its edge in the garage, or purchasing webbing racks or padded metal saddles.

Whatever type of kayak you choose, you’ll be paddling for many years of fun, excitement & exercise. ENJOY!