Kayak Transport Accessories

Car Tie Downs

Set of two heavy duty 1" polypropylene straps with an Ancra cam buckle for easy cinching. Reinforced polyethylene pad sewn underneath the buckle prevents damage to equipment. Available in 10’ and 15’ lengths.



Tether Straps

Set of two multi-purpose accessory straps feature 13-1/2’ of heavy duty polypropylene webbing and an adjustable aluminum Ancra cam buckle. Nickel plated wire hooks allow multiple secure attachment points to vehicle, trailer, cart, etc.  Ideal for kayak bow and stern tethering.



Foam V-Blocks

Set of two 4" wide by 16" long V-Blocks make for simple transportation and storage of kayaks. Designed to sit on top of any car, van, truck, or SUV.

Set of 2: $26.00


Slotted Foam V-Blocks

Same dimensions as V-Blocks, but this model includes a slot that accommodates round or square load bars. This is by far the most cost effective saddle system on the market.

Set of 2: $30.00


Factory Slot V-Block

Factory Slot Model has been bored to accommodate the wider, flatter factory racks found on many SUV's.

Set of 2: $34.00


Covered Foam V Blocks for Factory Rack Bars

Set of two 16" wide "V" shaped foam pads covered with UV stabilized fabric designed for wider factory rack bars.   Good choice for sit-inside kayaks for upright loading.  Fabric cover allows hull of kayak to glide smoothly over pads.  Straps secure pad to bars with heavy duty buckles. 

16" wide, Set of 2: $49.95
20" wide, Set of 2: $69.95


Yakima Bow/Stern Tie Down

Enjoy the extra security these Bow/Stern Tie Downs provide when transporting longer boats. Secures the bow and stern of any boat. Easy to use ratchet pulley. Amazing corrosion resistance. Clear plastic tubes protect your vehicle from damage.



Flexweave Combination Lock

Secure your kayak to your roof rack, boat dock to add an extra level of security to protect your kayak when left unattended.

3/8" x 6' - $28.00

3/8" x 10' - $36.00